Ombudsmen Advocate for Long-term Care Residents

Since 1996, Gary Reis has served as the president of Med Tech Ambulance Service in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Gary Reis is also a founding member of the Rhode Island Ambulance Association and a board member of the Alliance for Better Long Term Care (ABLTC), an organization that protects the rights of individuals living in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

The ABLTC is an independent advocacy organization that provides a voice to individuals who have experienced abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation while living in a long-term care facility. In addition to mediation and advocacy efforts, the organization offers the Long Term Care Ombudsman program, which follows guidelines outlined in the Older Americans Act to monitor the quality of care in long-term care facilities.

Ombudsmen are certified, trained volunteers who visit long-term care residents and represent them before government agencies. They also coordinate with enforcement agencies to investigate complaints and implement corrective action when necessary.