Compassionate Care at the Mount St. Rita Health Centre

Mount St. Rita Health Centre

Mount St. Rita Health Centre


As the founder and president of Med Tech Ambulance, Gary Reis helps thousands of Rhode Island residents obtain the lifesaving emergency transportation services they need. Gary Reis is also a philanthropic community member who supports worthy charities and nonprofits; he has previously served as a presenting sponsor at Mount St. Rita Health Centre Annual Benefit Dinner at the Kirkbrae Country Club.

Mount St. Rita Health Centre was founded in 1971 as a retirement home specifically for Sisters of Mercy. In 1989, it opened its doors to everyone, regardless of age, sex, or religion. At its location in Cumberland, Rhode Island, gentle hills, beautiful woodlands, and vibrant gardens surround the Health Center. It is a peaceful and vibrant healthcare facility dedicated to serving patients in long-term care.

In addition to rehabilitation and care programs for people who have survived strokes, heart attacks, and cancer, the facility also provides compassionate hospice care. Through pain management, palliative care, and spiritual support, St. Rita Health Centre helps patients to find peace and dignity in their final days.


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