Building Bridges Program Brings Together Children and Elderly

Building Bridges Program pic

Building Bridges Program

An experienced emergency medical technician in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Gary Reis serves as president of Med Tech Ambulance Service and president of Triton Fleet Services. Gary Reis is also a board member for the Alliance for Better Long Term Care, an organization that honored him with the 2009 Hero Award and the 2009 Outstanding Contribution Award.

Founded in 1979 and based in Warwick, Rhode Island, the Alliance for Better Long Term Care is committed to protecting the rights of individuals who are living in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Among the organization’s numerous educational and outreach programs is the Building Bridge program, which pairs nursing facility residents and elementary-aged children for visits, projects, activities and other shared experiences.

These visits allow children to cultivate empathy and sensitivity to the unique needs of the elderly, as well as to experience the personal benefits of volunteerism. Additionally, the visits provide children with a helpful glimpse into the field of healthcare. For more information about the Building Bridges program, visit


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