The State-of-the-Art Phone/Dispatch System of Access Ambulance Service

Access Ambulance Service pic

Access Ambulance Service

A senior business executive and entrepreneur in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Gary Reis currently serves as president of the ambulance company Med Tech and the commercial trucking company Triton Fleet Services. Since 2007, Gary Reis and the rest of the of the Med Tech management team have also operated the Access Ambulance Service.

Beginning with two ambulances, Access has grown over the years to support a fleet of nearly 50 vehicles that provide nearly 50,000 transports on an annual basis. In order to coordinate this fleet, the company operates a 24-hour dispatch center that incorporates a private branch exchange communications system with a block of 100 interlinked phone lines.

The Access dispatch center supports a trained staff of communications supervisors, phone operators, and dispatchers. These professionals use a range of high-tech hardware and software to ensure that clients receive safe emergency transport in a timely fashion.

Access also employs multiple phone carriers with lines that enter from different streets in order to ensure uninterrupted service at all times. Even if one carrier experiences problems, clients can reach Access through the other carrier in times of need.


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