Personnel and Training at Access Ambulance Service


Access Ambulance Service pic

Access Ambulance Service

Gary Reis oversees a series of medical and emergency transportation businesses that transport people to hospitals and medical service centers across Rhode Island. Ambulatory businesses owned by Gary Reis include Access Ambulance Service, which launched in 2007 with two ambulances and provided over 3,000 transports within its first year. The company takes steps to ensure full licensure and training of each driver through advanced computerized systems and training opportunities.

Access drivers wear a standardized uniform and photo identification badge that lists their certification and licensure level. Vehicle assignments are issued to drivers and medical techs through an advanced human resource (HR) management system designed to screen employees for up-to-date certifications prior to dispatch. Employees with expired certifications must renew their licenses before the system will assign them to a vehicle.

To ensure that its staff receives the proper training and education, Access employs a fulltime education coordinator and offers an onsite training facility featuring state-of-the-art audio and video systems. The facility provides emergency medical technician refresher courses and monthly training classes. All employees must attend at least four training courses per year, and newly hired personnel must take a two-week orientation, which includes field training and in-class lectures.


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