Emergency Medical Dispatch Training in Massachusetts


Med Tech Ambulance Service pic

Med Tech Ambulance Service
Image: medtechambulance.com

An accomplished medical services executive, Gary Reis leads Access Ambulance Service, a private ambulance service licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Under the direction of Gary Reis, all employees at Access Ambulance Service’s 24-hour dispatch center have received specialized training in emergency medical dispatching.

An effective and professional emergency medical dispatch team is vital to any emergency response and can mean the difference between life and death for a critically ill or injured patient. As such, Massachusetts has established a number of regulations that govern emergency medical dispatch in the state.

Formulated by the State 911 Department, Massachusetts’ regulations require that emergency medical dispatch providers receive special training, which includes a 40-hour telecommunicator course and 16 hours of continuing education annually. Emergency medical dispatchers must also complete CPR certification. Those interested in training to become an emergency medical dispatcher have a number of options, including a program that the state offers through its Public Safety Communications Academy.

Emergency dispatchers who work directly with medical services in Massachusetts also need to hold certification from an approved provider. Currently, this list includes APCO International, PowerPhone, and Priority Dispatch. To learn more about the emergency dispatch regulations in Massachusetts or see a list of approved training providers, please visit www.mass.gov/eopss/agencies/state-911.


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