Importance of Ambulances Maintaining Power Backup and Connectivity


Access Ambulance Service pic

Access Ambulance Service

Gary Reis guides Med Tech Ambulance Service and offers hospitals in Rhode Island and Massachusetts a full range of coordinated solutions. Emphasizing 24/7, real-time responsiveness, Gary Reis and his team provide onsite critical care solutions to a number of hospitals. They take pride in maintaining a fleet of ambulances that span 50 vehicles, which are well-equipped to meet patient needs.

Today’s ambulances are designed to meet a host of connectivity requirements and should offer stable wireless access. This enables efficient on-the-ground communication through routes, which include up-to-date dispatch information and access to electronic patient care reports (PCRs). With internet connectivity in place, units can submit PCRs in a timely manner and work with supervisors to correct situations when information is lacking. Additionally, emails and other written communication can be quickly received and transmitted.

Another aspect of ambulance team readiness centers on maintaining portable power in the form of battery chargers, which provide AC power supply for devices and equipment. Common items that are in danger of running out of power mid-transport include cardiac monitors, radios, and cell phones, and a backup charging station can remedy this issue.


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