When to Call an Ambulance


Access Ambulance Service pic

Access Ambulance Service
Image: accessambulance.com

Gary Reis has been working in the medical industry for more than two decades. The president of Med Tech Ambulance Service, Gary Reis also leads Access Ambulance Service, a private service with more than four dozen vehicles.

Many people are hesitant to call an ambulance because they don’t know if their insurance will cover the cost. However, an ambulance may be necessary to save the life of a person who is injured or seriously ill.

Always call an ambulance when someone is experiencing a medical emergency or a life-threatening health problem. Further, if you think a person’s condition may worsen as you drive to the hospital, you should call an ambulance.

In addition to considering the nature of a person’s illness or injury, you must consider your own ability to drive. Often, seeing a loved one with a sudden or serious health problem can cause mental distress, which makes driving difficult. Heavy traffic is also a good reason to call an ambulance since ambulances can safely and legally drive faster through traffic and traffic lights.


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