About Gary Reis

President of Med Tech Ambulance Service, Gary Reis has a history of entrepreneurship and has founded several successful companies. Gary Reis formed Med Tech Ambulance Service in 1996 to provide transportation to hospitals and nursing homes for people across Rhode Island. Med Tech Ambulance is now the largest company of its kind in Rhode Island and is known for utilizing the most current technology and providing safe and friendly service.

In 1998, Gary Reis founded Ambulance Rescue Billing Inc., which is now called A-Stat Medical Billing Management Inc. A-Stat currently provides medical billing services as well as a number of other services to healthcare providers throughout New England. As president of A-Stat, Reis has provided quality service to each client maintaining highly qualified and satisfied employees who are always abreast of new billing rules and regulations.

Gary Reis also owns Triton Fleet Services, a company that specializes in repairs for commercial, fleet, and emergency vehicles. Triton Fleet Services, serving clients in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, is dedicated to making sure clients have fleets that are fully functional and running smoothly.


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