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HeartSafe Designation for Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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Med Tech Ambulance Service
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As the owner of Med Tech Ambulance Service, Gary Reis has worked to aid both health care professionals and residents of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. In addition, Gary Reis has also donated automated external defibrillators to the Pawtucket Parks Commission.

Pawtucket, with a population of about 71,000 people, recently received a HeartSafe Community designation by the American Heart Association and the Rhode Island Department of Health’s Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program. This program seeks to save lives by ensuring a community is prepared to provide early care in response to cardiac arrest. Part of this goal is making sure more members of the community are CPR-trained as well as increasing the number of AEDs available in public spaces and carried by first responders.

Activities such as CPR/AED classes and public safety officials’ promotion of CPR/AED response, earn communities points during the application process for the HeartSafe designation. When a person experiences sudden cardiac arrest, the chances of survival increase dramatically when high-quality CPR and an AED are used, even before first responders arrive.

Med Tech Ambulance Service – Sponsoring Youth-Focused Learning Center

Med Tech Ambulance Service pic

Med Tech Ambulance Service
Image: medtechambulance.com

Gary Reis is a Rhode Island entrepreneur who leads Med Tech Ambulance Service, a company that provides transportation services to nursing homes and hospitals throughout the state. Involved in his community, Gary Reis contributes to a number of local nonprofits, including the Pawtucket Family YMCA, where he sponsored the opening of a Warm2Kids Learning Center.

In 2007, the Pawtucket Family YMCA established a Warm2Kids Learning Center to provide local youth and underserved community members with free computer access and membership in the Warm2Kids website, which provides celebrity role models and resource experts who answer questions about a variety of topics.

Warm2Kids’ mission is to provide young people with reliable, safe information about issues that affect them directly. Among the offerings at the learning facility are computers with advanced technological capacities and programs designed to enhance the social and emotional development of teenagers.

Care Providers for Patients Living at Home

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Alliance for Better Long Term Care
Image: alliancebltc.com

Gary Reis is a certified helicopter and private plane pilot, real estate agent, and emergency medical technician. In addition to forming a number of companies in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island, area, Gary Reis has received recognitions, including the Hero Award in 2009 presented by the Alliance for Better Long Term Care, of which he is a board member.

Founded in 1979, the Alliance for Better Long Term Care, works to ensure people in need of regular medical care receive the treatment they require. The alliance recommends those seeking a home care arrangement–wherein professional caregivers will provide necessary services in the patient’s own home–consider the variety of home care offerings available.

1. The care provider may be non- or for-profit, and this may affect the types of service available to clients.

2. Care providers can supply an array of services to their clients, including registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, and housekeepers.

3. Home care is available to those with a chronic illness or disability, people recently released from hospital and requiring short-term care, or individuals who are terminally ill and choose to remain in the comfort of their home.

Ombudsmen Advocate for Long-term Care Residents

Since 1996, Gary Reis has served as the president of Med Tech Ambulance Service in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Gary Reis is also a founding member of the Rhode Island Ambulance Association and a board member of the Alliance for Better Long Term Care (ABLTC), an organization that protects the rights of individuals living in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

The ABLTC is an independent advocacy organization that provides a voice to individuals who have experienced abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation while living in a long-term care facility. In addition to mediation and advocacy efforts, the organization offers the Long Term Care Ombudsman program, which follows guidelines outlined in the Older Americans Act to monitor the quality of care in long-term care facilities.

Ombudsmen are certified, trained volunteers who visit long-term care residents and represent them before government agencies. They also coordinate with enforcement agencies to investigate complaints and implement corrective action when necessary.