Care Providers for Patients Living at Home

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Alliance for Better Long Term Care

Gary Reis is a certified helicopter and private plane pilot, real estate agent, and emergency medical technician. In addition to forming a number of companies in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island, area, Gary Reis has received recognitions, including the Hero Award in 2009 presented by the Alliance for Better Long Term Care, of which he is a board member.

Founded in 1979, the Alliance for Better Long Term Care, works to ensure people in need of regular medical care receive the treatment they require. The alliance recommends those seeking a home care arrangement–wherein professional caregivers will provide necessary services in the patient’s own home–consider the variety of home care offerings available.

1. The care provider may be non- or for-profit, and this may affect the types of service available to clients.

2. Care providers can supply an array of services to their clients, including registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, and housekeepers.

3. Home care is available to those with a chronic illness or disability, people recently released from hospital and requiring short-term care, or individuals who are terminally ill and choose to remain in the comfort of their home.